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Microsites are a secondary internet marketing strategy to compliment your primary website. They are a website designed for a strong & relevant keyword phrase or phrases targeting people that are searching on Google & Yahoo using those specific keyword searches that apply to your products and services.  We design them as full sites, but they can also be designed as a 1-3 page site just to target a specific product or service you are offering.  For example an attorney that offers Bankruptcy, Divorce, DUI, Criminal, Personal Injury, Accident Injury can use microsites to target specific services they offer.  

We design microsites to help businesses target new customers, get leads and reach consumers that are searching online and don’t have a business they want to use in mind.  The microsite is designed to promote certain products or services for the business in order to reach more consumers for their targeted product or service.  

We lock in a low monthly flat rate to host, design, organic optimize, map optimize, manage a blog, manage the social media, post to CraigsList and create a conversion friendly website. We are tracking impressions, visits, emails, contact us forms and we are tracking how many phone calls you get.  We want to prove value to the business that this is getting them good results and a ROI.  

Based on customer needs, we build one main site and then 1-2 additional supporting sites. Microsites are designed to be 1-5 page conversion friendly sites that have unique content to capture more leads & customers from online.  

These microsites can even be used as your primary website.  If your main concern is to generate more customers or business from online, then this can be used as your primary site.  We still recommend to most businesses that they should also have a main site as well and a microsite be used as a secondary internet marketing strategy.  

If you are looking for more leads from online or want to get more customers, a microsite that is optimized and showing up on the first page of the major search engines might be a good solution for your business.  Fill out the contact us form or call for more details.  

Over 65% of the people searching never leave the first page!